Every year Startup Grind hosts SG Women’s Month, proudly recognizing the accomplishments of female leaders around the world. Throughout the month of May, we’re hosting local and global events with the goal of bringing together female entrepreneurs and investors who are leading, shaping, and funding the future – female first.

We hope you’ll join us during our ninth year to celebrate the power of #SGWomen.

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Featured Events

SG Women’s Summit: Female Fundraising, Leadership, and the Future of the Web

10:00 AM (GMT-8)
Silicon Valley, US

The annual SG Women’s Summit is back, bringing together female entrepreneurs and investors who are leading, shaping, and funding the future – female first. Join us for 2 hours of invaluable advice and lessons learned as well as networking with fellow female founders from your community.

SG Women: dale un cambio de rumbo a tu proyecto con WEB3

6:30 PM (GMT-3)
Buenos Aires, AR

En Mayo Startup Grind celebra el mes de la mujer. En este Panel imperdible convocamos a referentes mujeres en WEB3 para que nos ayuden a responder la principal pregunta ¿es blockchain la tierra prometida para emprendedores?

Fireside chat 🔥 with Katherine Courtney

WED, MAY 11,
6:00 PM (GMT+0)
Brighton, UK

Can space exploration be sustainable? The UK, NATO and US have declared space a war-fighting domain. Space is becoming more contested and congested and so the questions around sustainability and accessible travel are issues that need to be addressed.

In this fireside chat you can expect lots of fascinating conversations around space exploration.

Victoria Gago (Co-founder @ European Blockchain Convention)

TUE, MAY 17,
6:30 PM (GMT+1)
Mataró, ES

En esta ocasión tendremos a Victoria Gago, Cofundadora de la European Blockchain Convention. Victoria es una referente en Blockchain y transformación digital. Con ella hablaremos de criptomonedas, de cómo la tecnología blockchain puede ayudarnos y de muchas otras cosas más.

Fireside Chat with Jenn Smith: Startups, Economic Development and Access to Funding

12:00 PM (GMT-5)
Rochester, US

**Jenn Smith has joined the Chat** We are thrilled to welcome Jenn Smith, Director of Grow-NY, to the May Fireside Chat. 💬🔥 Join us at Port 100 Cowork Rochester on May 19th at noon for this in-person chat with Jenn, who will talk with Maureen Ballatori, co-founder of Metro Collective and founder/CEO of 29 Design Studio. You’ll have the opportunity to ask Jenn questions yourself!

UK Women in Tech Summit – Inspiring Women to Lead Innovation

3:00 PM (GMT+0)
Leeds, UK

We have invited female founders, connectors, leaders, innovators and investors to celebrate the roles women play and their impact on the UK tech eco-system. The Summit seeks to reshape perceptions that technology and tech leadership are dominated by men and to elevate the achievements of women.

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